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RIP The bulldozers have now done their worst.
Despite not having permission for a change of use the owners, Lochailort Investments, have demolished the pub and built a car park. Such a situation shows the failing of the planning system and the greed and manipulation of the system by developers.
Thegy ripped out the trees, installed ticket machines,put up the clampers notices iand started trading.
It took threats of legal action by the Council to halt their illegal activities.

Making money from clamping is more important than a community pub!

Clampingnoticesm Already the clamper's signs have gone up

CAMRA is campaigning hard to prevent this type of situation.

Custom over the bar of course helps any publican but the practices of the suppliers and pub chains are by far biggest threat to the great British pub.

In a 'super complaint' submitted in October to the Office of Fair Trading, CAMRA argued that anti-competitive practices are inflating pub beer prices by around 50 pence a pint, restricting consumer choice and leading to chronic underinvestment in the nation's pubs.
Support has come from a wide range of groups including the Federation of Small Businesses.

CAMRA calculates that if beer prices had only risen in line with inflation since 1990 then collectively consumers would be better off by 2.5 billion a year.

CAMRA is also actively campaigning for a changes to the planning system which allow a building to be demolished without a replacement use being previously agreed.

It is just not right, nor fair taht communities can have their hearts ripped out by debt-ridden Pub Companies trying to dig themselves out of the mire they caused fr themselves.

Until the law is changed further pubs will be lost to rtheir communities.


CAMRA is an independent voluntary consumer organisation which campaigns for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights. It is non-profit making and open to all.
Membership is by subscription.
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CAMRA has a local group that supports pubs, selects Good Beer Guide entries, visits breweries, organises beer festivals, campaigns on behalf of the pub user and runs lots of social activities.

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